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Model # BM98

Slide-in unit for full size, long bed trucks using truck bed as sides and floor for rear compartments


Standard Features:

Compartment Sizes:

#1 8” wide X 24” tall X 72” deep Locking storage compartment just behind the cab of the truck
#2,3 20” wide X 24” tall x 36” deep Compartments for cats or small dogs. Solid partition with 1" opening at bottom for wash-thru.
#4,5 28" wide X 24" tall X 36" deep These two compartments are the middle compartments. The center divider is hinged so it can be opened to form one large compartment for hauling large traps.
#6,7 36” wide x 41” tall x 93” deep These two compartments are at the rear of the unit. Solid divider. No floor or side walls (use truck bed as sides and floor).


These are the standard compartment sizes. If needed, we can usually modify the dimensions to fit your specific needs with minimal, if any, additional costs.